Start With Love (…and a Giant Dalmatian)

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Start With Love (…and a Giant Dalmatian)

A crowd of young adults gathered together on a Saturday morning to assemble face painting stations,  inflate a Dalmatian bouncy house, fill bags with groceries, and hide candy filled plastic Easter eggs. Little bunnies made out of paper plates and colorful buckets filled with water would soon be the source of endless smiles and giggles. Before the festivities began, we gathered together to worship in song and prayer with one mission: Shower This Community With Love.

Small teams went door to door giving out bags of groceries to families, only asking if we could pray for them in return. The disarming power of generosity resulted in prayers for healing, financial blessings, restoration of broken homes and invitations for salvation. Before long, the sound of little feet hitting the pavement and laughter filled the air. Smiles, hugs and high fives were in abundance.

As the last Easter egg was found and the festivities started to wind down, we knew our mission had been successful. Prayers left parents with the renewed feeling of hope. Silly face paintings and  plastic eggs left a community of children with a day of fun they would not soon forget. We don’t have to complicate reaching out to those in need. Start with the desire to love and give what can never be repaid, and the rest falls into place.


By Frances Crusoe


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