In Honored Company

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In Honored Company




We at Sunday to Sunday cannot begin to express how honored we are to be an official 2013 Epoch Award Nominee. We have joined an elite group of foundation shakers—those who see their world and think, “I can change it”. They are the reason we continue believing that today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow holds more than we can imagine. The Epoch legacy is one of loving the way Jesus loves by healing the hurting, rebuilding broken hearts, and demanding the freedom of those who cannot free themselves.


As an organization, God has given Sunday to Sunday a unique and powerful vision to change our city by changing the way people view “the lost”.  One of the things we aspire to do is plant in the heart of every tour participant the idea that they personally, can make a difference. We want each person to find their passion and then give themselves and all they have over to it. Maybe that passion is ending sex trafficking or poverty. Maybe it’s ministering to the homeless or at risk youth. But what if it looks a little different? What if instead of far away countries or crime ridden inner city streets, it’s spending time at a local Alzheimer’s unit? What if it is starting a backyard Sunday School program in your own neighborhood or giving a flower to a woman caught in prostitution? What if we get to be the guy who changes the guy who changes the world?


We count it an indescribable honor to be listed among these mortal men and women. True heroes who made the heart journey from, “I can change that” to “I must change that.” They saw what needed to be done, counted the cost, and found the hearts of men worth the investment.

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