Homeless People Are People Too

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Homeless People Are People Too

I was hesitant to write this because I never want to be one who brags over the fact that they did something that God is proud of. So instead of bragging about what I did this week, I’ll talk about what God showed me.

This week I did an in-town missions trip with a Sunday to Sunday Tour. Each night a group of people and myself got together and did something to show the love and truth of God in the metro-Atlanta area. It’s common for churches to travel across borders and do this, but quite uncommon for them to do this in their own back yard. So this was a unique experience in itself.

What I learned is that as a Christian, every day can be a missions experience. Maybe those living in suburban areas don’t have any tangible needs, or maybe they just don’t show it, but maybe there is some other way we can show the love of God. The bible says that love is kind. Maybe I can just go out of my way to be kind to someone, and maybe this can somehow turn the attention of my actions to a conversation about Jesus. It doesn’t have to be forced. Every opportunity is an opportunity. It can’t be a formula. We must use discernment.

God helped me to see those who are stuck in homelessness in a new light. While going to school at Georgia State I grew so numb and cold to those who were out on the streets- especially those who were out there daily. God showed me, again, that these “homeless people” are “people” and they have stories. Some have terrible attitudes; some have amazing talents; some have an amazing capacity to love; some don’t care. But is this demographic any different than what we see daily from those who aren’t stuck on the streets? Jesus simply told His followers to feed the hungry, to clothe the needy, to carry each other’s burdens and so on. It’s not really about what they do with what I give to them. It’s about what I give to them, be it tangible or intangible, and that I give it with love.

The last significant lesson I learned is that nothing great can be done without God. We cannot change anything for the better without consulting Him- without going to Him first. We have no significant power or strength in ourselves. We have no outstanding ability in ourselves. If we want darkness to end (for example: slavery, hopelessness, homelessness, poverty, fear) then we can’t expect to go out and change the world on our own. Lasting, authentic, significant change can only happen when God is moved to make a difference and we move with Him as He does what He’s always wanted to do.

So, this is what I learned. This is what I leave with after a week of bringing light into the city of Atlanta. Anything good or great that I did was because God lives inside of me.


By      David Stephens

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