I Can Do Something

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I Can Do Something

As someone from a still developing country, I never thought that there were homeless people in the United States.  I used to think that Americans were always living the American Dream.  When I moved to Georgia, my parents bought a house in the suburbs.  I heard stories that there are homeless people, but never really accepted it since I had never seen them.  Maybe I had seen them, but never really seen them.  My Sunday 2 Sunday metro Atlanta tour was the true eye opener for me. My first night with the team, we couldn’t really walk around.  It was just a driving tour. It was raining hard, so we couldn’t get out of the car and walk around.

That first night was the night I realized that I always drove by homeless people and saw them, but never paid attention to them.  I felt a holy discontent.  I felt, as an immigrant, I can do something.  I can help them.  Through this ministry I can make a difference and care for them.  I can inform other immigrants about this reality.  Throughout the week, we got to feed them, talk to them, and get to know them personally.

It was such a wonderful experience realizing I was making a difference and caring about someone. Knowing that I would never get anything back was the most rewarding feeling. It was a week that I will never forget. It’s a “getting out of your comfort zone” kind of experience that everyone should have.


By Mara Mello

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