Set Free

Set Free is a Church and community ministry whose pupose is to boldly reach people for Christ, disciple believers, minister to the needs of people and provide opportunities for ministry.

How to be Free

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How to be Free

So much more than a ministry in the traditional sense, Set Free is a welcome place for those who have lost their way in life. Through the support of local churches, SetĀ Free welcomes men whom society has believed have used more than their share of second chances. Through biblically focused rehabilitation, men are returned from the edge of darkness into a life of reconciliation, freedom, and family. We have had the absolute joy of partnering with Set Free since 2009. A loving home to many, we are welcomed with hugs, handshakes, and smiles from our friends during each visit. Men are served delicious, hearty meals, and the ever-nourishing word of God in a...

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